Welcome to Tasha Gruber Dressage!

Tasha has been working with and training horses all her life. She has a very hands on approach to training focusing on connection, harmony and effective seat and aids from the rider. Her training method is aways focused on clear communication and ensuring her students understand what she is teaching as well as feel it through their seat. Usually followed by a few jokes and laughs, besides we should all be having fun at this!

Tasha is very dedicated to her training and students. Ensuring they are supported and comfortable in their working relationship. She feels a lot can be gained by the competition ring with the experience and satisfaction of showing. Good judges can really help with checks, balance and confidence. That said, competing isn’t for everyone. Tasha really loves the daily achievements in training and the small successes that can be attained over time and commitment training in Dressage.

Tasha manages her competition horses and believes the happiness of the horse is paramount. If you expect your riding partner to go out and perform it is just as important for you to manage all the aspects of their life. Turnout, care, proper performance shoeing, a balanced diet with the required supplements for top athletes. And of course and much love and attention as possible!

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Welcome to Tasha Gruber Dressage

Dressage as defined by the Oxford dictionary:
the art of riding and training a horse in a manner that develops obedience, flexibility and balance.

Origin in French –  literally meaning “training”; dresser – “to train

Welcome to Tasha Gruber Dressage a place of learning and training for the love of Dressage.

“Dressage is like the ultimate silent dance between horse and rider. It should seem effortless and graceful. The connection between the horse and rider being the key with elegance and grace.
It should awe and inspire like the beauty of the horse itself” 

About Tasha

Tasha grew up in Ontario surrounded by horses on a hobby farm. She started riding independently at the age of 3 on her first pony “Peggy”. Her love for equines and riding only grew from that age. She continued her journey with another pony, many fairs and costume classes before finding and falling in love with her first horse “Black Beauty” at the age of 8.

Beauty taught her the true love and caring nature of the horse. They went everywhere together and she could often be found in the field just lounging or in the barn enjoying the quiet munching of hay. There grew the first special bond that can only be found in the heart of a horse. Tasha started riding english after doing all the fun basics of Western (including barrel racing and equitation). She moved to english and found a special love for Dressage. Thinking of it as a Dance with the horse, as a young teen, Dressage became her sport and focus. Beauty and Tasha travelled all over Ontario showing at various levels from schooling to recognized shows and winning a lot of red ribbons in the process.

Tasha trained under a variety of FEI Grand Prix riders and Bereiters.  She was offered a Grand Prix horse by her coach to compete young riders, but chose to focus on her education. She stepped away from competitive riding to focus on a career in Marketing and then raising a family. She continued to nurture her knowledge of horses, riding, breeding and training over those years. She trained and rode many different horses of varying levels and  taught a variety of clients.

More recently Tasha purchased two KFPS Friesian mares and refocused her life around horses and Dressage. Liefke and Popke (mother and daughter) were imported from British Columbia and have begun a new chapter. Tasha fell in love with the Friesian horse while in post secondary the facility she trained at was blessed with several imported Friesian horses. She worked exclusively with one mare and competed and even led and won an 8 horse quadrille. It was then the Friesian horse stole a piece of her heart.  Tasha finds working with Friesians tremendously rewarding, based on their very special and honest nature. As well, their spectacular movement is just icing on the cake. Friesians are not the typical horse to train, as they have very bouncy gaits and their vertical frame can take longer to develop correct balance and self carriage for Dressage. They are also very special in nature bonding specifically with one person. They will often give their whole hearts and have a work ethic for their loved ones that is second to none. Popke and Liefke have begun their competitive careers at Training and Level 3 in Dressage. Both are anticipated to have very promising futures in Dressage.

Tasha has trained numerous horses to FEI level and looks forward to bringing her Friesians to this level. She trained on various Grand Prix horses learning the movements and correct aid, seat and position. Her majority of training, coming from European Grand Prix trainers with very strict ethic on correct accurate riding and aids. She believes everything happens from the seat and correct position, as well, a fluent connection with the horse. Dressage being based on harmony and the silent language between horse and rider as a connection. She teaches her students in a classical manner while encouraging harmony and the importance of a correct position with an ask first approach. Focusing on balance and the give and take of the rider horse relationship. She sees “on the bit” and connection very specific to each horse and rider connection with every horse and rider learning connection differently. Her love of the horses and the sport can easily be seen in her riding and training. She trains with a reward based system and her horses are happy and obedient yet allowed to still be the characters they are. She feels its is important not to smother the horse only bring out the best in them through trust and respect. This has been her life long journey with horses, feeling that they and Dressage are pieces of her soul.

Tasha has been known to stop everything and admire a post or photo from the best of the best Carl Hester and Charlotte Dujardin. She respects their way of training and building the bond of horse and rider while still letting a horse be a horse. She feels the sport of Dressage has changed over the past few years for the better and the classical art of Dressage is based on connection inspiring us winning our hearts as riders and enthusiasts.


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